Pregnancy-Birth Story-Post Pregnancy Part 1

I've tried to write this story many many times, but it never comes out as eloquent as I would like it to be. The girls birth wasn't a beautiful birth and I wasn't graceful about it, but it was a quick section with two babies determined to come into this world and make an outstanding appearance. While during my pregnancy and after I had the girls I was, “not wanting to put my life out there.” You are prolly thinking to you self right now, “lady you have a blog that everyone can see, how were you not already putting it out there.” Well I mean the serious details. Everything I went through pre and post pregnancy having these two bundles of joy. I painted a picture of just the “need to know things” and not so much the birth story, during pregnancy, and right after. As you all know I got pregnant, not married and been dating my babies daddy for 1.5 years. I was the girl that used to look at other girls who got pregnant out of wedlock as “kinda trashy,” yes I said it, and then I became one of them. But you know what, I WOULD NOT CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD. I love these girls like I can not even begin to describe.

Well here it goes: I was seeing a high risk doctor since 16 weeks due to genetics and me having TWINS. Any time you have more than one baby that is a risk. As your body only knows what to do to have one, Not two. Genetics? We have MD in the family. So we had to have some counseling on this. Thankfully and so blessed that the girls were clear of this, but it was a very SCARY thing. I worried about it day in and day out during my pregnancy. Knowing that no matter what I would love my girls, but it was a hard thing to swallow. Hard to think and talk about and hard to make our loved ones bring up the past and talk about it. Hard? Yes, we conquered it and now we all have two beautiful babies to love.

Before having babies I always thought to myself aww, look at her she is pregnant, when is her baby due? What is she having? Not one negative thing crossed my mind. I thought c-sections were by choice, I pretty much thought babies walked out of you and you went back to your normal size and life went on with a beautiful bundle of joy. Sleep? Never thought about any of that, or things to worry about, complications with mom or baby, hormones, all the baggage. Granted some women do have this easy of a time. They barley gain weight, have no complications, pop out their baby with no drugs, loose all their baby weight on the delivery table, and their babies are STTN at 3 weeks old. Well…ladies not all of us and that’s not how smoothly it goes.

Around 16 weeks when I went to see my high rish doctor (Dr. Fuller) who I love love love. He could not be more wonderful. I wish he could have been my OB. That would have been fan-freaking-tastic. I worried worried worried. What is there to worry about? Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome, MD, both sharing the food and gaining weight, zoey’s fluid, etc. I saw him every 4 weeks and got a growth scan and I was seeing my regular OB in between. Besides my psycho worrying everything was good til about 25 weeks when I got really swollen and my BP was up and down. They just associated it was twins, that is common. But then it got worse and worse so they tested me for pre-e, told me to slow down my activity. Around 31 weeks I was put on strict bed rest, aloud up to pee and shower, eh! Awful! Thankfully my sister was still on maternity leave with keagan so she came over everyday. That was GREAT. I was huge. (that is something that I regret, I wish I took pictures along the way.) WISH WISH WISH) so ladies even if you don’t want too, just do it and you can have them, and if you don’t want them after you give birth than you can throw them away. But atleast you can not regret not taking pictures if you want them. See I am going off on a small tangent. Back to the birth story.

From 31 weeks on I went to the doctor every week, either my OB or my High risk doc. I got bigger and bigger and my BP levels got worse and worse. I had pre-e and PUPPS. What is PUPPS, may you ask. Its basically when your entire body feels like there is bug bites all over it, I think I blogged about this topic. It was horrid. I cussed some, or a lot when I had this. I used Grandpa’s tar soap, (supposed to ease the pain) yes it does smell as bad as it sounds.

Here I just googled it: this is what ya get

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPS) is a rash that affects approximately one out of every two hundred pregnancies. It is the most common of all pregnancy related skin rashes and is most commonly compared to hives. It comes on suddenly and can be extremely itchy. PUPPS starts in the stomach region but can spread to the extremities. Thankfully, PUPPS has never been found to have any lasting effects to the mother or her unborn child. The worst thing about this disease is that it is more of nuisance than anything else. It is ugly, itchy, and uncomfortable.

How do you get rid of PUPPS?

Sorry ladies but you have to wait until the baby is born and the rash will go away on it's own. You can learn tips and tricks for soothing the pain.

So between swollen feet, (I could not even tell my feet were feet if it were not for my toes) and PUPPS, I was feeling pretty lousy. I got a blood pressure cuff and was monitoring my blood pressure once a day. I could no longer sit up in my own, shave my legs, sit down or stand up by myself. Get in the car by myself, much less drive, not allowed to leave my house unless I was going to the doctor. Bored. Yes. Hormonal. VERY! I did this for 4 weeks. Until’ the next chapter my friends….booya.


It's the simple things in life.

Our sweet neighbor Sherry took these wonderful pictures of my sweet sweet babies. Priceless.


Do you like to feed Ducks?

We do, until they try to bite our hands!


Bad and GOOD.

One of my very dearest friends had a tumor in her ear and had to have serious brain surgery. She was a trooper, she was amazing, very head strong and determined to be ok and not let it effect her as a mommy, wife or friend. She had the surgery, found out it was NOT cancerous, could not pick up her child for 6 weeks, had to send him to the sitter, had to be away from him while she was in the hospital bc she COULD NOT get sick. Very hard momments for her, but she over came them with pride and did excellent. When she got the ok to have a glass of wine (wahoo, and found out she did not have cancer) we celebrated! At our little near by mexican restaurant!


Classy vs. Trashy

Girls. Can be trashy but if you do it with Class it makes a difference. Agree? Circle yes or no. We are as classy as they come, but we get together for girls night (which does not happen very often being a mommy of two) it goes down. Here are some sneak peaks, with keeping it PG.

Love my ladies and cant wait to do it again!


Beach FUN

We went to Myrtle beach this year. As I have always done with my family for the past 26 years. Well I think 24 because I missed 2 years so far out of my whole life. Its fun. My family is CRAZY, entertaining, very close, from all different states, small, big, young, old, married, re-married, twins, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, great grand people, mommys, daddys, dogs, boys, girls and women. This was the first time the babies got to experience the beach trip with the family to MB. We took the girls when they were 5 months to Frisco, NC with some friends but this trip was FAR different.
How was it different?

  Lets see....
no pumping,
no boobie milk,
no washing  bottles,
no sleeping babies 3 times a day,
no middle of the night wake ups,
no 6 am feeding, 
no rocking babies to sleep,
no bumbo sitting,
no naps on the beach!

But we did have,
two babies eating sand,
running straight in to the ocean,
laughing at the waves,
juice boxes,
pool swimming,
chicken finger eating,
sand toy loving,
water blowing,
4 feet running,
hand holding,
aquarium watching,
duck feeding,
head under water babies
and they absloutley loved it.

I cant wait til we can do it again next year!

Rob, Deana, Joel, Rick, Joyce, Alyssa, Dylan, Court, Madison, Kamlynn, Christa, Scottie, Camryn, Lauryn, Mom, Dad, David, Tracy, Heather, Kevin, Keagan, Rhonda, Mike, Trisha, Jessica, Tammy, Steve, Kevin, Ellie, Nathan, Cory, Cathy, Rebecca, Noodle, Holly, Ryan, Me, lonnie and the twins. Hope everyone can return next year with even more of the family. Here is too the next generation, the twins, keagan and kamlynn starting their family beach vacations!(Trish and Jess we are happily awaiting for your children to join, since you two are the next to be married) :)
**pics coming soon


The TWINS Visit!

Well we had a nice little visit and she was SUPER brave and I was very proud of her to make her way down here with her sweet twin baby boys! The pictures just dont do justice, they are adorable and she is doing great as a new mommy of twins! THey have the cutest little family and its so exciting that I can say one of my college roomates has twins too! :) Check these little stud muffins out, SN: sorry you cant pinch your computer screens cheeks:)



So, we are at that stage where the girls are wide ass awake at 6:30 AM, boo. That is mommys time to get ready and shower, and since the monsters wake up then, they dont want me to shower, they dont want me to put them down, all they want me to do, is take them downstairs, give them milk and cheerios, change their soaking wet diaper and turn on cartoons. All mommy wants to do is actually shower b4 work so I dont go out of the house looking like I jsut greased my hair, which happens quite frequently.

I guess I could slove the problem and wake up earlier to get ready, but No. I dont want to, or if I do I am like ahh 30 more minutes would be nice, screw it, so I go back to sleep and then think I can get ready, and cant because I am trying to climb in the shower with babies pulling at my legs, opening all the cabinets, emptying out my dressers, oh I could go on....

Plus the fact that they are still tired and it makes their morning nap even earlier.

Dear TBG, (twin baby girls)

Please go back to sleeping til 7:00/7:30, mommy would be a much happier person. And you guys would not be as tired as early. We all win. Thanks


On another note, when I bring them downstairs to do all that was listed above, I get cute pictures like this and it makes me forget all about waking up early and not getting my warm shower in peace.



Well its been a rough few days as Lillianah has tonsilitus and an ear infection! Eh, no fun! Fevers, cranky baby, and cuddling is what I did all weekend. Daddy was on the golf course all weekend for his fathers son golf tournament!! I am hoping that Zoey does NOT get it, and if she is going to get it then this is waht I have to say:

Dear Tonsilitus and Ear infection,

If you would like to infect your germs on my other child, I perfer you not, or if you are going to do it anways, can you please make it happen like now, so they both can be healthy when we leave for MB on saturday.

Thank you,
Love, Tired mommy with lots to do.


Fathers Day!

Happy Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Fathers out there. We went over to my moms house and cooked my dad and grandpa a huge brunch! It was wonderful. Lonnie was spending the day with his dad for the Father, Son golf tournament they play in every year. We made a huge spread and everyone enjoyed it, Lillianah ate  6 strawberries and hasbrowns, she was not digging the omelette or anything else. Zoey ate a whole roll and cinnamon roll! O my little picky eaters, they eat ONLY what they want!! We then came home and Daddy was home and the girls took a nap and then we all went to dinner with the Beasleys at Glory Days. It was not a very plesent dinner as my girls do not like to sit in their high chairs in public anymore. Mr. K did good. Kevin and Lonnie got mugs as a free gift to all Fathers on Fathers Day, very sweet!